Travel Report: Crossing Westminster Bridge, London.

Visit Westminster Bridge London.

May 2019. It had been a long, long time since I last felt the fresh River Thames air on my face at Westminster Bridge. In fact, racking my brain, it would have been something like fourteen years ago during a hectic afternoon ferrying Belgian teenagers around Central London. In fact, so stressful had it been […]

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Travel Report: Parliament Square, London.

Visit Parliament Square Westminster London.

May 2019. After a fascinating afternoon exploring Westminster Abbey, it was great to finally be back out into the fresh air for a walking route that would take The Fairy and I across Westminster Bridge and its sweeping views across The River Thames and Westminster Palace. I hadn’t factored in a stroll through Parliament Square, […]

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Travel Report: Westminster Abbey, London.

Visit Westminster Abbey.

May 2019. It’s tough to think of a more historical place in all of England than the amazing Westminster Abbey. For this is where kings and queens have been crowned since 1066 and where royal weddings have taken place, including the union of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. A staggering seventeen British monarchs […]

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Travel Report: The David Bowie Mural – Brixton, London.

David Bowie Mural Brixton London.

May 2019. If The Fairy had only a vague idea about The Beatles and the significance of Abbey Road, she was even less clued up about an English rock star referred to, among other monikers, as Ziggy Stardust and The Thin White Duke. But that didn’t stop me from dragging the poor thing out to […]

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Travel Report: Regent’s Park, London.

Visit Regent's Park London.

May 2019. It was a grey afternoon in London and the lazy wanderings of the day had taken The Fairy and I to Regent’s Park, one of London’s six royal greens. Dating back to 1649, the park was first used by that old scoundrel Henry the 8th as a spacious hunting ground. It was called […]

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Travel Report: Abbey Road, London.

Abbey Road Crossing London.

Reading from China? This travel report contains YouTube videos, which can only be viewed with a VPN! May 2019. It was the first of May when The Fairy and I arrived at Abbey Road in London to gaze out at the world’s most famous zebra crossing. The Beatles were/are not exactly big news in nowheresville […]

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Travel Report: The Tower Bridge Exhibition, London.

Visit Tower Bridge London.

May 2019. Forty years old, born in London and I’d never actually crossed Tower Bridge! What a scandal, but at least one I was finally putting to bed on this grey, chilly morning in the English capital. The Fairy was captivated the moment she saw it and, having also clocked the nearby London Bridge, felt […]

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