Welcome to Leighton Literature!


…It feels great to finally say it. This website has been in the making for most of 2014 so it was a special moment when, at long last, I got to hold my breath and click publish.

The first short story will go out on Sunday the 2nd of November, with future tales released every Sunday thereafter.

Also coming soon, a rundown of my top twenty albums, a project that kept me busy for more than a few weeks as I chopped and changed my final selection with startling regularity. Rest assured this is not a list that was put together lightly.

Until then, please do nose around the site as there’s plenty to discover before Sunday. Likewise feel free to subscribe, follow, like, comment, Tweet, recommend to a friend and all the rest of it. While Leighton Literature is primarily for myself, my family and for the people who know me best, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care about it reaching a wider audience.

Thanks for your support – I hope you enjoy Sunday’s short story, the first of many to come.


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