End of series update, The Slovak Files.

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Dear readers,

It’s four months to the day that I launched Leighton Literature and a timely moment indeed to celebrate the end of my second short story series, The Slovak Files. Putting together its twelve instalments was a real challenge, but also one of the most rewarding projects I’ve ever undertaken.

Along the way I got back in touch with a host of old friends, people who played a hugely important role in my life that year, unwittingly helping to shape me into the person I am today. In addition to catching up and getting all nostalgic, they also provided invaluable memories, priceless insight and old photographs that I gleefully incorporated into my tales. So I really can’t say enough of a thank you to Jon Crisp, Bill Phillips, Myles DolphinJordan Stein and Martina Stolarikova, your support has made a massive difference.

A special mention also has to go to Léonie Groen, my unofficial (not to mention unpaid) editor and all-round ideas guru, as well as everyone who’s taken the time to email, like, comment, share, reblog and message me with feedback about the stories and reviews. 

With the site already connected to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Reddit, as well as the good people of WordPress, in the coming weeks I’m aiming to hurl a lasso around the StumbleUpon community and finally launch Leighton Literature Instagram.

Oh, and let’s not forget a new short story series, Incidents In India, which kicks off on Sunday the 12th of April :). Until then keep an eye open for new album reviews as I edge closer to the completion of my Top 20. 


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