Travel Report: Prague.

Charles Bridge Prague Czech Republic

December 2002. In late 2002 I was living in Bratislava where I worked as an English teacher. Any free time us teachers had was spent exploring the seemingly endless travel options in and around Slovakia. My first trip to Prague was a particularly memorable one in that I went with a great bunch of people, the kind of characters fate throws together just once in a lifetime. As such, I dedicate this photo to Rich Kessell, Jon Crisp, Ben Wright and Jesse kinsman; to a weekend of unspeakable coldness, mucho beer consumption, a stolen wallet and a missed train. Good times. For more on these guys and my time in the region, check out my short story series The Slovak Files.

Feb 2012. It was a decade later that I finally made it back to Prague. This time I was with my wife for a long weekend. Somehow it was even colder than my previous visit, so much so that we found Charles Bridge virtually deserted during our evening stroll. The wintry atmosphere was almost Dickensian in nature; a thin layer of frost and snowy footprints running the length of the walkway to a backdrop of baroque-gothic architecture, traditional street lamps and looming statues.

Feb 2012. A walk up and around the city’s steep, cobbled castle complex is a must. There is so much to see and do, a little research is advised in order to make the most of your time. Having climbed up the two hundred stone steps, you’ll definitely want to drink in those rewarding views before checking out St. Vitus Cathedral and no less than four royal palaces. You can also shoot a traditional bow and arrow at Golden Lane and catch the changing of the guard, pictured here. You don’t have to worry about missing it either, as the procession takes place hourly.

Feb 2012. Getting up the Old Town Hall Tower is not for the fainthearted! The steps are steep, narrow and numerous, so expect to spend your first minute at the summit getting your breath back. For the less courageous/downright lazy/otherwise impaired, the elevator will whisk you up there in no time. As for the views? Hopefully this photo speaks for itself.

February 2012. The panoramic from atop the Old Town Hall Tower is so good I couldn’t help but throw in another. I’m not usually this lazy with travel reports but, well… 

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