LL Turns One!


It’s Leighton Literature’s 1st birthday!

Does it feel more than a little egomaniacal to wish my own website a happy birthday? Sure, but **** it you only live once.

I can’t quite believe it was a year ago today that I published my first post. Since then I’ve released thirty-two short stories, twenty album reviews and eight installments of my photo series. When I launched the site I was living in Beijing, where a cushy teaching schedule left me with bags of free hours. It was an incredibly productive and fruitful time, some mornings I would set up camp in a local café and slip into a literary coma that would consume me for hours.

If only I could bottle the formula. Having recently moved to Cambodia, I now have a real job where I’m actually expected to work hard. Needless to say, this has had a major impact on my writing time. Moving into an unfurnished apartment hasn’t helped either. With a literally never-ending to-do list, I’m lucky if I have more than an hour to myself each day. Nevertheless I continue to plug away with my next short story series and yes I am still working on my movie reviews. One of these days I’ll be ready to share, slowly slowly catchee monkey.

A massive thank you to the eighteen thousand or so people who have visited the site over the last twelve months. While it seems unlikely I can match the quantity of my output over the next year, I will certainly be aiming to make my upcoming stuff the best that it can be. Documenting my life adventures continues to be an enormously fulfilling practice. And I’m probably saving thousands in therapy bills!


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3 thoughts on “LL Turns One!

  1. Happy Birthday and many more to Leighton’s blog. Looking forward to the next installment. May have to put Cambodia on the bucket list.


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