My 5: Trenčín, Slovakia.

Main Street Trencin Slovakia

1. Farská Ulica, March 2003. One of the great joys of teaching English in Bratislava was the amazing travel opportunities during weekends and holidays. Between September 2002 and June 2003 I was lucky enough to see virtually the entire country and in many ways Trenčín felt like the archetypal Slovak town. Pretty and low-key, it has enough points of interest to keep you entertained for a daytrip. This shot was taken on the town’s cobbled main street, with the castle providing a dramatic backdrop.

2. Ascending Trenčín Castle, March 2003. The climb up to the medieval castle, Slovakia’s third largest, serves as Trenčín’s main draw thanks to its charming collection of sights and fine views over the town and distant hills.

3. Ascending Trenčín Castle, March 2003. The weather was a bit schizophrenic that day… grey, chilly and threatening on arrival, but then bursts of blue by the time I’d reached this kooky angel/bird thing at the wooden arch. There’s also an eighty meter deep well of love, a spiraling summer tower and a sinister smelling dungeon.

4. St. Francis Xavier Church, March 2003. What a lovely church this is, an early Baroque style structure built by the Jesuits in 1649. Step inside and you’ll be treated to a stunning collection of art by the legendary painter Kristóf Tausch, as well as sculptures of St. Peter and St. Paul.

5. Town Panoramic, March 2003. By late afternoon that day the weather was really beginning to turn, with dark evil clouds invading the peaceful panoramic. I took this as my cue to get out of dodge, following the trail back down to town where I scurried off towards the bus station.

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