Travel Report: Cool Spots Around Antequera, Spain.

Estepa Gate Paseo Real Antequera Spain

January 2017. Affectionately known as The Florence of Andalucía, the Spanish town of Antequera is just an hour’s drive from Malaga city. I arrived by bus in the early morning, just in time to catch the tail end of sunrise. This is Paseo Real, Antequera’s pretty tree-lined promenade. In the background you can see Estepa Gate, a brick and red stone archway that stands as the entrance to the old town.

January 2017. With a population of just over forty thousand, there are an astonishing number of churches in Antequera, over thirty according to Lonely Planet. Of all these structures, The Church of Santa Maria La Mayor is Antequera’s most celebrated. Located high up on an expansive square at the foot of the town fortress, it was built between 1530 and 1535 and was Andalucía’s first Renaissance church. 

January 2017. Antequera’s stunning hilltop fortress was the highlight of my visit! The gardens are pretty and peaceful and there are amazing views from The Bell Tower and White Tower. This shot features the spectacular form of Lover’s Rock far off in the distance. Legend has it that a pair of doomed lovers (a Christian warrior and the Moorish daughter of the mayor) climbed to the top and threw themselves off rather than be caught by the mayor’s advancing troops. There’s also a fountain statue of the two in the old town.

January 2017. And here’s a taster of those amazing fortress views! There’ve been a variety of picture perfect panoramics from all the Andalucian towns and villages I’ve visited, but I genuinely feel Antequera has the edge.

January 2017. Antequera’s entry for this year’s Most Spanish-looking Woman awards. As far as I could tell she worked in the kitchen of a little café near The Church Of Santa Maria La Mayor. She’d come out into the sunshine to nag her husband about something and didn’t seem to mind that I was obviously trying to photograph her. In fact, if anything she seemed to be posing!

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