Travel Report: Glenfinnan, Scotland.

Glenfinnan Monument The Scottish Highlands

July 2015. The scattered village of Glenfinnan lies in the Lochaber area of The Scottish Highlands, a twenty-five minute drive from the town of Fort William. It was here that Prince Charles Edward Stuart (better known as Bonnie Prince Charlie) started the Jacobite rising in 1745. Today you can check out The Glenfinnan Monument, right on the spot where Charlie kicked off his ill-fated campaign. A kilted highlander tops the imposing column, complimented beautifully by a beguiling backdrop of misty mountains.

July 2015. The calming waters of Loch Shiel lie just beyond the monument, with gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains, though they are rarely climbed due to being not quite tall enough for Munro status. Fans of the Harry Potter films will be excited to know that the loch was used for the fictional Black Lake. It also crops up in the cult action fantasy movie Highlander.

July 2015. For those seeking out the ultimate Loch Shiel experience, look no further than the majestic Glenfinnan House Hotel, a stone mansion perched right on the edge of the lake. Built in the 1750s, the hotel features a classical drawing room, a blazing log fire in the main hall and a selection of local paintings across the pine-paneled walls. The rooms are elegant but simple, with doubles starting from £140 in the low season. The current owner is apparently some award-winning chef, so expect the grub to be decent.

July 2015. Perhaps the most dramatic sight of all is that of The Glenfinnan Viaduct, which carries a one thousand foot stretch of railway line a hundred meters above ground level. Services run through nearby Glenfinnan Station, where you can also pop into the charming little Railway Museum for some local history.

July 2015. Tourists stand patiently waiting for a glimpse of The Jacobite Steam Train as it passes through on its way to Mallaig. The bridge also appears in the Harry Potter movies as Harry and chums chug off to school on The Hogwarts Express. During filming, local pupils from Lochaber High School were dressed up in wizard robes to play Hogwarts students. The train only passes though twice a day and I hadn’t bothered to research, so I felt truly blessed when it suddenly puffed into view and I was able to grab this shot.

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