My Photographs: Top 5 Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin.

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Charlottenburg Palace, April 2013. Planning a city break in Berlin? Even with the German capital’s abundance of sights, you should still try and clear a half-day in your schedule for this magnificent former summer residence. Named in honor of Sophie Charlotte, the first Queen consort in Prussia, this exquisite baroque structure boasts opulent apartments, priceless art, historical treasures and a simply gorgeous stretch of public gardens.

Charlottenburg Palace, April 2013. While the interior is interesting enough in a “ooh isn’t this lavish” kinda way, for me the Charlottenburg experience was all about the palace park, with its meticulous lawns, colorful flower beds and shady tree-lined walkways. Naturally, there are a couple of badass fountains too.

Charlottenburg Palace, April 2013. Just across from the big fishpond lies this quaint lookout pavilion called Belvedere. Built in 1788, it is one of the park’s most notable structures.

Charlottenburg Palace, April 2013. Inside you can work your way up this cool spiral staircase to access Belvedere’s amazing porcelain collection, a kind of Disneyland for tea set enthusiasts. It also functions as a teahouse, though it was closed on the day of my visit and seems to keep funny opening times.

Charlottenburg Palace, April 2013. The palace garden is also home to this impressive neoclassical mausoleum, dating back to 1810. Various German royals are entombed here, including Kaiser Wilhelm I and his lady, both of whom rest in ornate marble sarcophagi.

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