My Photographs: Top 5 Tianyi Square – Ningbo, China.

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Tianyi Square, August 2017. If you’re into branded clothing, luxury accessories and being followed around by fussy over-attentive sales clerks who desperately want your money, then no doubt Tianyi Square will be pushing for top spot on your Ningbo to-do list. I couldn’t give a crap about any of these things, but I still wanted to swing by to see what kind of vibe lay within the city’s largest and most famous square.

Tianyi Square, August 2017. I had to begrudgingly accept that, visually at least, Tianyi Square is pretty impressive. European style structures hold court over a small park; still blue pools and pretty fountains. At night there’s a light and music show where the buildings turn blue and one of the fountains transforms into a huge, shimmering peacock. 

Tianyi Square, August 2017. This shot takes in the nearby Jiaoqu Yaohang Street Catholic Church, which is just a few minutes walk from the square’s northern end.

Tianyi Square, August 2017. You’ll also find a bunch of cool art installations, sculptures and paintings peppered around the square. In fact, Tianyi won a major award in 2003 when it was crowned China’s Best Public Art Construction.

Tianyi Square, August 2017. For me Tianyi held major kudos simply because of all the creature comforts I can’t get back in Rui’an, the little Chinese city we live in. There’s a Subway for example, a Dairy Queen (!) and a Burger King, not to mention a proper Starbucks with English speaking staff and open views across the square. It’s the perfect place for people watching, or indeed spending an excessive amount of time discussing the meaning of the word bookish. We never did reach a firm conclusion.

For more info on my Ningbo discoveries, check out my Top 5s on Tianfeng Pagoda, Lao Waitan, Zhongshan Square and some choice spots from across the city.

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