My Photographs: Top 5 Tianfeng Pagoda – Ningbo, China.

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Tianfeng Pagoda, August 2017. Any self-guided walking tour of downtown Ningbo should include a stop at this cool hexagonal tower; the city’s tallest ancient structure at 167 feet. Built in 695 during The Tang Dynasty, the original structure has been destroyed and restored a million and one times over, with the latest renovation coming as recently as 1989.

Tianfeng Pagoda, August 2017. You can access the pagoda through a red, stone archway, which leads to this scruffy but charming little garden. Many ancient and priceless Chinese artifacts have been discovered here over the years. The garden is free to enter, but to go up the tower you’ll need a ticket (5 RMB).

Tianfeng Pagoda, August 2017. There are seven floors to climb to reach the top balcony and the way is surprisingly tricky thanks to the narrow and steep staircases. Meet another person along the way and there’ll be some decisions to make for both parties. Don’t expect any of the locals to do the gentlemanly thing.  

Tianfeng Pagoda, August 2017. While in no way spectacular, the views from the top are decent enough and certainly value for money at 5RMB!

Tianfeng Pagoda, August 2017. There are four arched vantage points and this one is probably the best, taking in a pleasing mix of traditional and modern Ningbo architecture. To see Tianfeng Pagoda for yourself, take bus, 6, 9, 364, 507, 518, 560, 812 or 815. Funnily enough, you get off at the stop called Tianfeng Pagoda.

For more info on my Ningbo discoveries, check out my Top 5s on Tianyi Square, Lao Waitan, Zhongshan Square and some choice spots from across the city.


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