My Photographs: Top 5 EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam Eye Film Institute, April 2012. The Amsterdam EYE Film Institute is a stunning building located on the north bank of The River IJ, just across the water from the city’s Central train station. Opened by Queen Beatrix on the 4th of April 2012, I was lucky enough to witness every stage of its construction as part of my daily commute. I was working as a writer, script editor, voice over and interviewer of Hollywood stars for the Dutch media production company FCCE. Every day I cycled through Amsterdam’s most picturesque canal streets before wheeling my bike onto the free ferry for the short chug over to Amsterdam North.

Amsterdam Eye Film Institute, August 2012. The institute houses The Netherlands’ national movie archive, several cinema screens and an impressive film museum, with over thirty seven thousand preserved titles, sixty thousand posters and a dizzying seven hundred thousand photographs, some of which date back to the birth of the Dutch film industry in 1895. Just four months after it opened, my brother paid a visit to Amsterdam, which felt like the perfect time to check out the institute for myself. This photo was taken just outside the main entrance, with views across the IJ and Central station in the background.

Amsterdam Eye Film Institute, August 2012. The museum’s first big exhibition was on the iconic director Stanley Kubrick, a real treat for both my brother and I. Happier still; the display put together a really impressive collection of props from Kubrick’s incredible forty-six year career, such as this original director’s chair that dates back to 1957’s Paths of Glory.

Amsterdam Eye Film Institute, August 2012. Clips of Kubrick’s most iconic films lit up the different sections of the exhibition space. This shot came from The Clockwork Orange corner, complete with various bits and bobs lifted from the Korova Milk Bar scene. This is where Alex and his fellow droogs enjoy a round of drug-laced milk served directly from the breasts of the bar’s erotic mannequins.

Amsterdam Eye Film Institute, August 2012. There were also a number of masks from Eyes Wide Shut, handwritten letters from the making of The Killing and the space suits from 2001: A Space Odyssey. But my personal favorite was these ghoulish outfits from The Shining: “Come play with us Danny!” The Amsterdam EYE Film Institute has also hosted exhibitions on Martin Scorsese, David Cronenberg and Federico Fellini.

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