My Photographs: Top 5 Wushan Hill – Hangzhou, China.

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Wushan Hill, October 2017. Some people will tell you that there’s nothing to see in Hangzhou outside the main draw of West Lake. Those people are wrong! In fact, one of the many highlights of my trip was a visit to Wushan Hill and its striking City of God Pavilion. This shot of the hill was taken from the top-floor viewing terrace of the equally impressive Leifeng Pagoda.

Wushan Hill, October 2017. It’s a mercifully short ten-minute walk up to the pavilion, the hill’s premier attraction. It was National Holiday Golden Week, which meant my travel buddy and I got to spin a China, f*** yeah!!! Wheel of fortune type thing at the main entrance. He won a replica hand painted Wushan Hill map, while I scooped this little flag.

Wushan Hill, October 2017. The City God Pavilion was named after former Hangzhou administrator of justice Zhou Xin. Admired and much-loved all around Hangzhou for being sharp-sighted and impartial, he built up such a reputation for himself he was eventually crowned City God by imperial order following his death in 1412!

Wushan Hill, October 2017. The City God Pavilion stands next to the pretty City God Temple. As with many Chinese temples, it’s good form to ring the compound bell in order to boost your luck in the areas of health and finance. This was my second time observing the tradition after my visit to the tiny village of Zhujiayu back in 2009.

Wushan Hill, October 2017. The pavilion houses an incredible 31-meter long diorama of city life in ancient Hangzhou; featuring a thousand handcrafted buildings and over 3000 little figurines. Naturally the climb to the top floor provides amazing birds eye views of the city and the lake. We bumped into this Chinese family on the way back down and they gamely agreed to pose for a photo, even if one person was clearly not up for it!

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