LL Turns Three!

One of the scariest things about getting older is the ever-increasing rapidity of the passing of time. I mean, how can it possibly be three years since I launched Leighton Literature? I was in Beijing at the time, my second stint, and between then and now I’ve been to Korea, Singapore and Malaysia, travelled all around Thailand and lived in Cambodia, Scotland and Spain before heading back to China again. It’s literally felt like the click of a finger.

When I started this Top 5 thing I figured I’d maybe be able to knock out a maximum of 100. But in the process of raking through my old photographs I’ve discovered a  host of forgotten trips from around the globe. At the time of writing my next Top 5 will be LL’s 145th!  And having actually drawn up a complete to-do-list (not to mention the prospect of upcoming trips here in the southeast of China) I’ve recently realised that there’s no end in sight. So I’ll just keep plugging away, as I do, in the hope that maybe one day I will succeed in catching up with myself. 

In fact, so focused have I been on my Top 5 series that I’ve somewhat neglected my short stories. It’s been seven months since I finished up ‘Challenged in China’. Happily at least, I’ve now started on my next batch of tales, the tentatively titled ‘Notes from The Netherlands’. If I can keep my discipline and manage to juggle my writing duties between Dutch days and Top 5s, hopefully I’ll be able to start posting my new stories in late November. 

As ever, thanks to everyone for reading, following, liking, commenting and all the other varying modes of acknowledgement!





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Freelance travel writer, voice over and English teacher from London. Former music and film journalist, interviewer of the stars. Passionate about travel, film, music, football, Indian food.

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