My 5: Beekse Bergen Safari Park, The Netherlands.

1. Beekse Bergen Safari Park, October 2012. Anyone looking for an African style safari park experience probably wouldn’t think of The Netherlands! And yet Beekse Bergen, located in the municipality of Hilvarenbeek in Brabant Province, offers just that with the simultaneously enticing/dubious tagline “Sleep among the animals!”

2. Beekse Bergen Safari Park, October 2012. Home to over 1250 animals, this is the largest wildlife park in the Benelux region. Visitors are able to Safari with their own cars, unencumbered by ugly fences and restrictive enclosures. This shot takes in one of the park’s numerous savannahs.

3. Beekse Bergen Safari Park, October 2012. Anyone arriving without a set of wheels can enjoy the park’s Walking Safari Experience, with over five kilometers of path, road and nature trails. And there are plenty of cafes, restaurants and animal-themed attractions along the way. 

4. Beekse Bergen Safari Park, October 2012. There are also two different Bus Safari routes led by an experienced park ranger. Both journeys take forty-five minutes and you can expect to meet camels, zebras, ostriches, rhinos, cheetahs, giraffes, buffalos and lions.

5. Beekse Bergen Safari Park, October 2012. Perhaps the most interesting option is the Boat Safari, a thirty-minute cruise aboard either the Livingston or Stanley vessels. Available from March to November, this is the best option to get close to the park’s mischievous monkey population, as well as the curious ring-tailed lemurs. For more info on Beekse Bergen Safari Park, go to

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