My 5: Xi Dong Bridge – Taishun County, China.

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Xi Dong Bridge, November 2017. Many of Taishun County’s ancient, wooden bridges are located in deep, rural countryside. In most cases you’ll need a car to get anywhere near them, but happily Xi Dong Bridge lies right in the heart of Sixi Town. Just walk down the old shopping street by the lake and you literally can’t miss Xi Dong, right next to the Waterside Palace.

Xi Dong Bridge, November 2017. Built in 1570, refurbished in 1745 and remodeled to its current form in 1827, Xi Dong Bridge towers dramatically over the town stream. Once you’ve got your exterior shots, take a stroll through its curved walkway and get a few of those old floorboards creaking.

Xi Dong Bridge, November 2017. The interior boasts some evocative albeit faded paintings, such as these fearsome creatures with the body of a horse/unicorn and the head of a dragon.

Xi Dong Bridge, November 2017. Lean over one of Xi Dong’s window arches for gorgeous stream views.

Xi Dong Bridge, November 2017. Xi Dong Bridge is one of two bridges in Sixi Town. Visitors should probably check out Xi Dong first, as its sister bridge Beijian is considered by many to be the most beautiful bridge in all of Taishun County. It lies just five hundred meters away from Xi Dong upstream.

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