My 5: Nanyang Bridge – Taishun County, China.

Nanyang Bridge Taishun County Zhejiang province China

1. November 2017. Visitors to Tai Shun County’s Sixi Town can treat themselves to the sights of Xi Dong and Beijian, two of the region’s most impressive ancient wooden bridges. For most people that’s enough, but I’d gotten a real taste for bridge-hunting and was also keen to track down Nanyang, a third structure located out on the main road exiting Sixi to the northeast.

2. November 2017. Nanyang is a far more dilapidated affair than Xi Dong and Beijian, which actually affords it a certain allure. Unlike its fellow Sixi bridges, there was absolutely no one around when we arrived, which meant we were able to enjoy its rustic charms in peace.

3. November 2017. Nanyang’s interior is similarly unfussy, while the views offer up little more than some modest farmland and a series of depressing high rises. The whole area felt a bit unloved, which actually made me feel even happier that we’d taken the time to seek it out.

4. November 2017. I couldn’t help but notice we were being watched by a bunch of locals who seemingly had nothing better to do than slouch around the adjacent bridge that connects Sixi to the highway. They didn’t seem to care all that much as we walked up to meet them, nor indeed when I blatantly began taking photos. In fact the guy in the brown coat missed my visit altogether, as he’d actually managed to fall asleep while standing up!

5. November 2017. This dude was my favorite Nanyang gatekeeper, a man who’d brought the art form of Standin’ Doin’ Nothin’ to previously unseen levels of magnificence. He never once took his eyes off me from the second I got out of the car. He neither smiled nor scowled, nor as far as I know did he even blink. Much like Nanyang Bridge itself, he was simply there.

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