My 5: Wenchong Bridge – Taishun County, China.

Wenchong Bridge Taishun County Zhejiang province China

1. November 2017. There are said to be around seven hundred covered wooden bridges scattered around Taishun County. But not all of them are as ancient or stunningly beautiful as Xi Dong and Beijian bridges. We were driving from Sixi Town to Xiaochun Village looking for the highly recommended Wenxing Bridge when we stumbled upon this modest structure, visible from the main road.

2. November 2017. According to the local man we asked, this is Wenchong Bridge, which had recently been reconstructed after a flood all but destroyed the original.

3. November 2017. Perched above a forlorn looking stream and with views of the misty mountains, Wenchong was well worth a brief stop on the way to Wenxing.

4. November 2017. This is the woodcutter’s signature on one of the bridge’s ceiling beams. There was also a signature from the stonecutter who contributed to Wenchong’s reconstruction.

5. November 2017. We were hanging out in the bridge enjoying the rural views when this grisly old farmer trudged through wordlessly, head down, carrying his load. I followed his progress for a bit as he made his way through the field, before settling down by the stream to fill his buckets.

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  1. Hey, thanks a lot for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I have just been browsing your site and see you also live and work in China. If you get the time, check out my other China Top 5 posts through the ‘My Photographs’ section, or take a look at my short story collection ‘Challenged in China’. I have followed you and will have a look at your tales 🙂


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