My 5: Wenhong Bridge – Taishun County, China.

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Wenhong Bridge, November 2017. Not to be confused with its neighbor Wenchong Bridge, we happened across Wenhong Bridge whilst driving in search of Wenxing Bridge on the outskirts of Xiaochun Village. Confused? I know we were!!! 

Wenhong Bridge, November 2017. By this point we’d seen a trio of ancient bridges and an almost fully reconstructed bridge, so it was nice to add a bona fide new bridge to our collection. According to a local man we met, Wenhong was built from scratch in 2014, making it one of Taishun’s freshest structures.

Wenhong Bridge, November 2017. This was the only bridge we saw that came with its own Buddhist shrine! Just a few meters away meanwhile, a pair of local laborers hammered away at the bones of a small wood and brick building that will eventually become Wenhong’s public toilet!

Wenhong Bridge, November 2017. Having sauntered across the shiny interior, I scooted down the farmland path a bit to grab this back shot of the bridge.  

Wenhong Bridge, November 2017. What Wenhong lacks in ancient authenticity, it certainly makes up for with its rural views. I don’t think the bridge gets that many visitors, a couple of the local goats looked quite puzzled at my arrival!

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