My Photographs: Top 5 Wenxing Bridge – Taishun County, China.

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Wenxing Bridge, November 2017. The last of the six bridges I saw during my adventures around Taishun County was perhaps my favorite of them all! Located deep in the arse end of nowhere on the edge of Xiaochun Village, my travel buddy and I had inadvertently stumbled upon both Wenchong and Wenhong bridges while in the process of tracking it down. But then we finally found it, perched above Yu Stream, surrounded by gorgeous autumnal farmland.

Wenxing Bridge, November 2017. According to the local blurb, Wenxing is a stoplog wooden arch lounge bridge. It was constructed in 1857 during the reign of Qing Emperor Xianfeng, but underwent considerable reconstruction in the 1990s following major flood damage.

Wenxing Bridge, November 2017. Views over Yu stream from the bridge interior. Wenxing’s local community of geese can be seen bobbing about in the background.

Wenxing Bridge, November 2017. Farmland views from the other side of the bridge interior.   

Wenxing Bridge, November 2017. This staircase stands at the far end of the bridge, next to a row of stone tablets detailing the bridge’s history. The steps lead to a tiny hilltop hamlet of just three small farmhouses. There was also an angry dog, which made further investigations unadvisable.

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