My 5: Nanpuxi Reservoir – Taishun County, China.

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Nanpuxi Reservoir, November 2017. “Wow!” I exclaimed suddenly, as our little smart car turned a corner onto a narrow stone bridge. We’d been driving through the heart of Taishun County on the way to Nanpuxi Scenic Park when this majestic reservoir came into view. Needless to say we got out to have a look!

Nanpuxi Reservoir, November 2017. Wide, glassy and deep green, the multicolored strips in the middle of the reservoir were in fact a plant and flower farm presided over by a single worker. Not bad at all as workplaces go!

Nanpuxi Reservoir, November 2017. No Chinese reservoir worth its salt would be complete without a local on hand for some Sittin’/Standin’ Doin’ Nothin’. I asked Amy if she could find out what the reservoir was called, but Mr. Man wasn’t entirely convincing with his answer. In the end his logic dictated that we were currently in Taishun’s Nanpuxi region on the way to Nanpuxi Scenic Park, so we were now looking out over Nanpuxi Reservoir. Who was I to argue?

Nanpuxi Reservoir, November 2017. Mr. Man wasn’t much of a conversationalist, so I decided to cross the bridge for views over the other side. Not too shabby!

Nanpuxi Reservoir, November 2017. The reservoir actually extended much further than we’d originally thought. I ended up following its progress from the car window as we resumed our journey. But it wasn’t long before it had all but dried up, creating a beautifully desolate scene.

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