My 5: Nanpuxi Scenic Park – Taishun County, China.

Nanpuxi Scenic Park Taishun County Zhejiang province China

1. November 2017. I’d started to get a little concerned that we weren’t even going to find the park. The GPS was going crazy as we tackled turn after hairpin turn on the narrow mountain road. But we needn’t have worried, because in the end the road simply stopped altogether right at the edge of the park. The trail begins outside this amazing structure, which is actually just someone’s home. An old couple sat on opposite ends of the massive porch; he sittin’ doin’ nothin, she peeling potatoes.

2. November 2017. The park had come as a recommendation of the hotel owner back in Sixi Town. We didn’t know much about it, other than the fact that people come here to seek out the famous three-tiered waterfall. So we set off in search of it, clambering down the slippery trail. Picking our way across the rocks of this stream, we followed the ascending forest path with its stone steps and wooden staircases.

3. November 2017. It took us about an hour to reach the first tier of the waterfall. Eventually the stone steps give way to this chunky boardwalk staircase, which winds dramatically around sections of the cliff. But as beautiful as the park clearly is, the whole experience was spoiled somewhat by shocking levels of littering. There were plastic bottles everywhere and a picnic table of discarded takeaway boxes, where a large group had enjoyed lunch and simply walked off, leaving an unsightly battleground of plastic tubs, knives, bags and chopsticks.

4. November 2017. The waterfall is really beautiful and there are numerous vantage points to get your photos as you close in on the park’s peak. According to a local couple we met on the way up, there are plans to regulate the area in the coming years, which will result in a much-needed cleanup and the introduction of an entry fee.

5. November 2017. On the way down there’s a bunch of very cool, albeit highly claustrophobic cave paths that cut the return journey almost in half. Some of them were so narrow I only just managed to pass through by walking sideways!

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