Travel Report: The Southern Ridges, Singapore.

Kent Ridge Park The Southern Ridges Singapore

May 2015. As insultingly expensive as a week in Singapore can potentially be, visitors often overlook the fact that many of the city’s highlights are completely free! As with the stunning Singapore Botanical Gardens, you’d be a fool to leave town without hiking The Southern Ridges, a nine-kilometer trail connecting a number of gorgeous parks along the city’s southern ridge. The route starts here in the pretty Kent Ridge Park, with moody views out over Singapore Port.

May 2015. Opened in 2008, Hot Park describes itself as “The first one-stop gardening lifestyle hub in Asia”. It’s a fabulously landscaped space, featuring several greenhouses, a butterfly garden and home furnishing workshops. The park’s distinctive silver trees bind the different sections together. This shot was taken from a small balcony café.

May 2015. This very cool eighty-meter skywalk connects hikers to the Southern Ridges forest and hilltop sections. Popular with local joggers and smooching couples, at nighttime the way is lit up with glittering LED lamps.

May 2015. This is arguably the trail’s most impressive stretch, a 274-meter boardwalk bridge that offers fine views across the city. Towering thirty-six meters above Henderson Road, it’s the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore and leads the way to The Ridges’ dramatic conclusion at Mount Faber Park.

May 2015. The best views of all are saved for the end of the hike, which is exactly the way it should be. This hilltop park has over ten kilometers of walking trails, but if like me you started out from Kent Ridge Park, you’ll probably want to cut to the chase and take the route directly up to its 105-meter peak. At the top there’s a romantic restaurant and several less romantic fast food outlets. You can also take the cable car over to Sentosa Island.

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