Travel Report: Gorp en Roovert Forest, The Netherlands.

Christmas Day at Gorp en Roovert Forest The Netherlands.

December 2010. It’s a tough gig celebrating Christmas in the south east of China. No mince pies for me this year, zero turkey, a complete absence of crackers and Quality Street. And so it’s easy to find myself reflecting on Christmases of the past, especially when deciding on this year’s Leighton Literature post. After a little deliberation I plumped for the beautiful Gorp en Roovert Forest in Brabant Province. 

December 2010. It’s exactly seven years to the day that I visited the forest for a Christmas day hike. It was a perfect winter wonderland setting that day, like something out of a fairytale.

December 2010. The lake was frozen and the stencil-like trees were caked in layers of snow.  Somehow I managed to pull off the least Christmasey pose possible. 

December 2010. The forest is part of Gorp en Roovert estate, owned by the obscenely wealthy Puijenbroek family who’ve have made its forests, lakes and heathland open to the public.

December 2010. With blue skies and crisp but manageable temperatures that day, I was surprised not to bump into more people.

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    1. Hey Sartenada! Thanks for dropping by Leighton Literature and taking the time to comment. I just had a look at your site and have followed you. Your photos look great and I’ve often thought about visiting Finland. Maybe one day…. happy travels!

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