My Photographs: Top 5 Bangkok Snake Farm, Thailand.

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Bangkok Snake Farm, April 2015. Bangkok’s fascinating Snake Farm is one of the city’s most underrated attractions! Tucked away in the gated Red Cross Institute compound at the intersection of Rama IV and Henry Dunant Roads, it’s also a tricky place to find! So get maps going on your phone and be prepared to wander into a couple of hospitals before you find it!

A snake hospital, breeding centre and museum rolled into one, the farm’s main draw is the unmissable Snake Handling Show, which takes place every weekday afternoon at 14:30, 11:00 on weekdays and holidays. The show takes place in the farm garden. Just take your seat at the stage and watch as the handlers bring a selection of beasts out for your general delight/terror. The venomous little lord of evil in this photo is a white-lipped pit viper. 

Bangkok Snake Farm, April 2015. The show presents a number of vicious breeds, including the Siamese King Cobras. These guys looked really pissed off when they were released from their cage and indeed the Thai handlers showed how highly skilled they are in calming them down and keeping them in check. 

Bangkok Snake Farm, April 2015. A particularly scary moment came when one snake suddenly lashed out, falling just inches short of a trainer’s arm. I love the expression from the security dude in the background. He’d seen it all before.  

Bangkok Snake Farm, April 2015. At the end of the show anyone feeling brave can get better acquainted with a python by having it wrapped around their necks and shoulders! I remember being surprised by how heavy he was and more than a little terrified when it gently hissed in my ear. For more on my time in Bangkok, have a read of my Top 5s on Chatuchak Market, Jim Thompson HouseKhao San Road, Lumpini Park, Songkran. The Ghost TowerThe Golden Mount and The Grand Palace.


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