My 5: The Golden Mount, Bangkok.

1. The Golden Mount, April 2015. There are more temples in Thailand than you can shake a stick at. With over a thousand structures peppered around Bangkok alone, it can be tricky deciding which ones are particularly worthy of your time. One temple that should definitely make the cut is Wat Saket. Dating back to the Ayutthaya era, this is one of the city’s most ancient temples and is best known for its 80-meter hill The Golden Mount.

2. The Golden Mount, April 2015. A short ten- minute climb up the hill brings you to an open balcony and the mount’s famous gilded stupa. The shrine is packed with visitors daily and is said to contain relics of Buddha brought over from India.

3. The Golden Mount, April 2015. On the day of my visit there was a lone line of worshippers bringing gifts for the monks. These guys were carrying trays of orange robes, topped with yellow flower necklaces.

4. The Golden Mount, April 2015. There were also written blessings and monetary donations added to the clothes lines at the base of the stupa.

5. The Golden Mount, April 2015. The icing on the cake comes with those 360-degree Bangkok views. The complex of buildings at the forefront is Wat Saket, The Golden Mount’s attached temple.

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