My Photographs: Top 5 Qingjing Mosque – Quanzhou, China.

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Qingjing Mosque, February 2018. The arresting ruins of this city centre mosque can be found on Tumen Street, just a five-minute walk down from Guandi Temple. Built in 1009, this is China’s second oldest mosque and a major pilgrimage point for the country’s Muslim community.

Qingjing Mosque, February 2018. On the day of our visit a lone fruit and nut vendor was selling his colorful goods right outside the entrance gate. It was here that we got chatting to Ibrahim Ma, the chairman of The Chinese Muslim Council of North America. “Welcome to Qingjjing Mosque!” he exclaimed, before proceeding to explain how well connected he was. “Here’s me with British MP. Here’s me with Toronto mayor. Here’s me with….”

Qingjing Mosque, February 2018. The mosque contains a number of pretty, tree-lined courtyards, an informative exhibition center and a one thousand year old stone incense burner. The former prayer hall (Fengtian Altar) is now an open-air patch of grass with a few remaining stone columns.

Qingjing Mosque, February 2018. This cosy little nook, the remains of a former gate tower, sits just to the side of the ruins. Just duck under the stone archway and get your photo amid all the plants and shrubs. Spot the gatecrasher!!!  

Qingjing Mosque, February 2018. A modern, functioning mosque that serves the local community sits right at the back of the complex behind an enormous tree. The building was a donation from the Saudi Arabian government. Qingjing Mosque is open daily from 08:30-17:30. We’d been led to believe that a 3RMB entrance fee was required, but access was free on the day of our visit.

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