My 5: Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park Beach, China.

Chongwu Beach Stone Arts Expo Park Quanzhou Fujian province

1. February 2018. I should start this article by saying that I’ve cheated a little bit here. Strictly speaking I should have covered Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park with just one My 5. But then I was so taken with the compound’s gorgeous little private beach that it felt wrong to cram in one or two photos at the end, at the expense of some sculptural delights. So the beach gets its own article! I mean, I’m the boss of my own blog, right? 😉

Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park Beach Fujian Province China

2. February 2018. It was a grey, rainy afternoon on the day of our visit, but that didn’t do anything to diminish the beauty of the beach and the views out over Taiwan Strait.

Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park Chongwu Fujian Province China

3. February 2018. You can also scramble up over the rocks, where there are various inscriptions, engravings and more sculptures.  

Man looking out to sea Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park Beach Fujian Province

4. February 2018. In China’s weather forecast Chongwu is the dividing line, the north having a temperate monsoon climate, the south a tropical monsoon climate. To the left lies The South China Sea, to the right the East China Sea. 

Turtle rock sculpture Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park Beach Fujian Province

5. February 2018. This giant turtle sculpture is the most dramatic on the beach. To get close, you’ll need to carefully pick your way down a tricky section of rocks. One wrong step and you might well find yourself on your ass! Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park is open daily, with tickets priced at 45RMB (£5/ €5.60/ $6.60).

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