My 5: Camoes Garden, Macau.

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1. Camoes Garden, February 2018. Macau Peninsula’s oldest and largest park can be found in the Santo António neighborhood and is accessed via Luis de Camoes square. Before entering the park, grab a bench and observe the local seniors who come here to play chess, sleep, chat and engage in the time honored Chinese tradition of sittin’ doin’ nothin’.

2. Camoes Garden, February 2018. With twenty thousand square meters of wooded garden on offer, it won’t be long before you leave the crowds behind and start to unwind. 

3. Camoes Garden, February 2018. There are some magnificent trees and plants to discover, several gazebos, a pretty waterfall and a grotto dedicated to the Portuguese poet Luis de Camoes, who lived right here in the park during the mid 1500s. In fact, legend has it he wrote his masterpiece Soul of Portugal here. June the 10th, the date of his death, is now celebrated in Macau as Portugal Day.

4. Camoes Garden, February 2018. Keep your eyes open for old men walking around with caged birds. You’ll also stumble upon a few Mahjong tournaments like this one. Generally they don’t like to be photographed, but if you’re looking down on them from a distance, chances are they won’t notice.

5. Camoes Garden, February 2018. The park’s highest point features a gazebo with decent views out over the inner harbour. Camoes park is open daily from 06:30-23:30.

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