My 5: Guia Hill, Macau.

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1. Guia Hill, February 2018. While a visit to Monte Fort is a must for anyone touring Macau, you’ll almost certainly be more charmed by the comparatively peaceful experience of Guia Hill in the peninsula’s central east region. An undemanding winding path takes you up to the top in under fifteen minutes.

2. Guia Hill, February 2018. The hill’s main draw is its seventeenth century colonial military fort, chapel and lighthouse complex which played a key role in fighting off the infamous Dutch invasion of 1622. The tiny chapel was built by a group of local nuns, while the lighthouse (which you can’t enter) was added in 1865. Apparently it was the first western style lighthouse in East Asia!

3. Guia Hill, February 2018. The fort is the highest point in Macau Peninsula and indeed the city views are significantly better than those at Monte Fort. In one direction it’s all skyscraping hotels and casinos, in the other the vast expanse of the South China Sea, with the odd TurboJet ferry scurrying to and fro.

4. Guia Hill, February 2018. Don’t miss the hill’s cool network of former military tunnels, which were designed as emergency air raid shelters. Both sections (A & B) won’t take you long to walk through, though there are plenty of interesting photographs to stop and look at detailing the fort’s history.

5. Guia Hill, February 2018. Why not take the cable car back down! It’s super cheap (just a couple of Macau/Hong Kong Dollars) and gets you right back into the heart of the old town in about five minutes. Like most of Macau’s best sights, Guia Hill is free to enter and is open daily from 09:00-18:00. The cable cars are usually out of service on Mondays.

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