Travel Report: St. Lawrence’s Church, Macau.

St. Lawrence's Church Macau

February 2018. I don’t think Wonderboy and I managed to see ALL the churches in Macau, but we must have gotten close. This one, towering above Rua de São Lourenço, is one of the peninsula’s oldest structures dating back to the mid sixteenth century.

Inside St. Lawrence's Church Macau

February 2018. It’s an impressive neo-classical structure peppered with touches of baroque details. This is the main room, Hall of the Soothing Winds, where the families of Portuguese sailors used to gather to pray for the safe return of their loved ones out at sea.

Main altar St. Lawrence's Church Macau

February 2018. St. Lawrence is the patron saint of navigation, a sea god in the eyes of the Portuguese who protects people. Images of the old dude decorate the altar, a bible clutched in his left hand, a staff in his right.

Garden St. Lawrence's Church Macau

February 2018. For me, the thing that really sets St. Lawrence’s apart from the other churches we saw was its gorgeous garden bursting with palm trees, rose bushes and all manner of exotic plants.

Garden St. Lawrence's Church Macau

February 2018. Check out the beautiful glass panels showing engraved scenes from the bible. The church and garden is free to enter and open from 10:00-18:00 (Monday to Friday) & 10:00-13:00 (Saturdays). It’s closed on Sundays.

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