My 5: Anima Macau.

Anima Society for the Protection of Animals Macau

1. February 2018. Wonderboy and I were walking from Seac Pai Van Park to the main street of Coloane Village when we unexpectedly stumbled upon this Animal Protection Centre on Estrada do Altinho de Ka Ho. The iron gates at the main entrance were locked and after peeking through the bars I initially guessed it was closed. But then a dimunitive Portuguese woman appeared. “You want to come in?” she asked, rattling a ring of keys from the belt at her waist.

2. February 2018. Opened in December 2003 by cofounders Fátima Galvão and Regina Pais, the complex is essentially a giant cattery with a smattering of random critters and an attached dog kennel. The centre was inspired by Macau’s staggering lack of animal protection laws.

Anima Society for the Protection of Animals Macau.3. February 2018. The Portuguese woman was Anna, the center’s manager, who was more than happy for us to wander around by ourselves. Most of the cats came running up to us meowing like mad. Others, like this one, were less impressed by our arrival.

4. February 2018. Don’t adopt a cat. Don’t adopt a cat. Don’t adopt a cat. It was difficult for me to meet so many adorable and vulnerable creatures without doing the knight in shining armor thing. This time, unlike in previous years (Amsterdam, Malaga) the logistics of getting one of these fluffballs back to my home in Rui’an would have proved insurmountably complicated. So I made do with simply chatting to Anna and leaving a donation.

5. February 2018. Even Wonderboy, who isn’t particularly moved by cats, got on famously with the centre’s playful residents. Anyone interested in adopting can get all the info they need at

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