My 5: Cheoc Van Beach – Coloane Island, Macau.

Cheoc Van Beach Coloane Island Macau

1. February 2018. Visitors to Macau’s pretty Coloane Island could easily set aside a full day for its many sights and delights. Seen the pandas at Seac Pai Van Park? Checked out the stilt houses in Coloane Village? Grabbed some sausage rolls and egg tarts at Lord Stow’s Bakery? Very well, then it’s probably time to take a leisurely walk to Cheoc Van Beach, about one and half kilometers from the village main street down Estrada de Cheoc Van.

Cheoc Van Beach Coloane Island Macau

2. February 2018. It’s a tiny stretch of sand, but picture perfect on a quiet, sunny day like this. In the summer, at the height of Macau tourist season, I imagine it must be an absolute horror show.

Cheoc Van Beach Coloane Island Macau

3. February 2018. The crescent shaped beach occupies a tree-lined corner of Bamboo Bay, which also features a fancy hotel and a large outdoor swimming pool, which was completely drained on the day of our visit.

Cheoc Van Beach Coloane Island Macau

4. February 2018. When we arrived the beach was virtually empty, with just a local couple walking their dog. When they were shooed off by a beach security Jobsworth, I had the place to my selfie. I mean self.  

Cheoc Van Beach Coloane Island Macau

5. February 2018. The beach is served by two restaurants. One is a large seafood joint that looked pretty busy and blasted out Beatles tunes. The other is this shabby little café owned by a Chinese couple who acted as if our business was causing them some kind of inconvenience. Armed with an overpriced coke and a really crappy coffee, Wonderboy and I sat gazing out across the bay daydreaming about how, if we had the capital, we could transform Café McCrapville into a stylish cash cow.

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