Travel Report: Shenzhen International Garden & Flower Expo Park, China.

Shenzhen International Garden & Flower Expo Park.

February 2018. Parks and temples, temples and parks: China! I limit myself to just one or two parks a place these days, knowing that in most cases the green spaces on offer are much of a muchness for a grisly old China veteran like myself. Wonderboy and I hadn’t even planned on hitting this 660.000 square meter municipal park until we walked right into it. Tempted in by the call of live music, we found a place crammed with excited locals out for an afternoon walk during the Chinese New Year bank holiday.

February 2018. The park is pretty new, opened in 2004 and now enjoying National Key Park status awarded by The Chinese government. First timers in China will be utterly enchanted by the place, stuffed as it is with a million and one things to see and do. There’s a gorgeous rose and butterfly garden, a forested boardwalk, a picture perfect lake, dozens of pavilions, pagodas and endless sculptures, bridges and fountains. Lovers of the bonsai will find some breathtaking collections here, while there’s also a science hall and several art exhibitions.

February 2018. A large open square connects the rose garden to the forested mountain park section. It’s the perfect space for group dancing and these ladies seemed only too happy to show off in front of my camera.

February 2018. You could easily spend a day here. As it was, Wonderboy and I whizzed through in a couple of hours, seeking out those little details and oddities that set the place aside from other such parks around the country. Don’t miss the curious stretch that showcases a number of national gardens, with landscaped corners dedicated to China, Japan, France, Canada, Bolivia and Nepal.  

February 2018. Entry to this amazing park is free, with opening hours between 06:00-10:00. To get there, jump on either the Luobao Line (get off at Zhuzilin) or alternatively go with Line 7 where there are entrance points at both Antuo Hill and Nonglin stations.

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