My 5: Cat Co Cove 3 Beach – Cat Ba Island, Vietnam.

Cat Co Cove 3 Beach Cat Ba Island

1. Cat Co Cove 3, April 2018. The trail to Cat Ba Town’s three beaches is just a ten-minute walk from the main drag. Interconnected via a gorgeous walking trail cut into the cliffs, I’d originally intended to visit all three, starting here at the modest sliver of beach known as Cat Co Cove 3. But on arrival I discovered that beaches and 2 and 3 were closed for renovation. Ah, nuts.

2. Cat Co Cove 3, April 2018. Oh well, I thought. I’ll just stay here, grab a beer and watch the sun go down. Although it was an overcast day, there was no denying the beauty of the place. And with all the online info I’d read playing the beach down, I found myself pleasantly surprised. After all, it wasn’t crowded at all and both the beach itself and the emerald green waters were pretty clean. Score!

3. Cat Co Cove 3, April 2018. Visitors wanting to stay right on the beach can book themselves into this hotel, the swanky Sunrise Resort. Just a quick glance on shows how lovely the rooms are, many of which come with stunning balcony views. Expect to pay around 3 million Dong (£100/€115/$132) a night for a double.

4. Cat Co Cove 3, April 2018. I enjoyed my late afternoon on the beach from the comfort of Coco Bar, a large wooden hut with a friendly group of female bar staff. While I stuck strictly to beer, they also do western style coffee, cocktails and main meals.

5. Cat Co Cove 3, April 2018. Despite the weather there was a very decent sunset that evening, which helped me get over the disappointment of missing out on the other two beaches.

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