My 5: The Tree Hugger Cafe – Dong Hoi, Vietnam.

The Tree Hugger Cafe Dong Hoi

1. The Tree Hugger Cafe, April 2018. I’d been wandering around Dong Hoi in the burning sunshine for most of the morning when I felt my body crying out for caffeine. And having done my research beforehand, I knew exactly where I was heading! The Tree Hugger Café occupies a charming, quiet spot on 30 Nguyen Du, a few doors down from The Buffalo Pub.

2. The Tree Hugger Cafe, April 2018. As you would expect, the café channels a relaxed, dreamy vibe, with a focus on eco-friendly business practices. Tastefully decorated throughout with second hand furniture and recycled decorations, a flip through the menu shows that all fruits and vegetables are fresh and locally sourced. Interestingly, a look on their website also lists the areas in which the café has to improve its eco-friendly practices!

3. The Tree Hugger Cafe, April 2018. I settled down in a spot on the lovely balcony with views out over the Nhat Le River and glimpses of Tam Toa Church through the trees. I couldn’t help but concede that if I were to ever live in Dong Hoi, this would be the perfect little writing corner.

4. The Tree Hugger Cafe, April 2018. Not feeling at all hungry, I opted for a caramel latte and an iced pineapple shake. They were both wonderful and the sweet cookies that came with my order were complimentary. Hungry horses will find delicious-looking all day breakfast options (including pancakes, bread and egg variations, Muesli…) while there are also homemade spring rolls, fresh sandwiches, burgers and plenty of desserts.

5. The Tree Hugger Cafe, April 2018. My little corner of the balcony also featured this cutesy plant collection, which I briefly considered lifting right off the wall and into my backpack. I guess I wouldn’t have got it through customs. For more info on The Tree Hugger Café, pay a visit to their website:

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