My 5: The Vinh Pearl Resort – Danang, Vietnam.

The Vinh Pearl Resort Danang Vietnam.

1. The Vinh Pearl Resort, April 2018. I was standing atop Thủy Sơn (Water Mountain) gazing out across Danang’s gorgeous coastline when I spotted the large, sprawling hotel complex hugging the golden sands of Non Nuoc Beach. Suddenly it struck me how great it would be to treat myself after three nights at the dirt-cheap (and it has to be said perfectly reasonable) Japanese hostel Tomodachi House. So off I traipsed to see just how lovely the hotel was.

The Vinh Pearl Resort Danang

2. The Vinh Pearl Resort, April 2018. On arrival I learned that I had wandered into one of Danang’s swankiest hotels. The lobby was sparkling with marble flooring, dripping chandeliers and thick leather sofas. At reception I was quoted a walk-in price of 8.7 million Dong for a double (£285/ €322/ $376). And so dissolved my little dream of a night’s pampering. In any case I got chatting to the manager who took a look at my blog and offered to give me a tour of the place. This is one of the doubles I was destined to not have.

Vinh Pearl Resort Danang

3. The Vinh Pearl Resort, April 2018. About half of the hotel’s rooms are set here in the main building around a pretty palm tree garden. A small team of dedicated gardeners saunters about the place picking up litter, pruning flowers and polishing leaves.

4. The Vinh Pearl Resort, April 2018. The pool was pretty damn good, a refreshing, beautifully designed three-tiered creature with ocean views that extends right out to the edge of Non Nuoc Beach.“Feel free to dip your feet in for a bit” said the manager. Alright, don’t mind if I do.

Non Nuoc Beach Danang

5. The Vinh Pearl Resort, April 2018. The beach itself is wonderful too and almost deserted that afternoon. Just beyond the modest row of wooden umbrellas lies The Vinh’s stunning villa community, a hundred or so buildings built around a sleepy lagoon. I’d enjoyed my brief wander around the resort, but now it was time to move on. Strolling down Non Nuoc Beach, I decided to make the long walk back to the city centre down Danang’s idyllic coastline. It would take me over three hours.

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