Travel Report: The Bird’s Nest Air Corridor Top Wonder, Beijing.

The Bird's Nest Air Corridor Top Wonder Beijing

September 2018. I hadn’t been aware there was an Air Corridor at The Bird’s Nest. Or even a Top Wonder for that matter, as whoever came up with the idea seems to have had trouble settling on just one name for it. It was only at the ticket booth back down on the Olympic Green that I realized entry to the stadium offered both standard (60RMB) and VIP access (110RMB). Figuring the difference wasn’t that much and that I probably wouldn’t be back, I thought what the heck and went for the combo ticket. Having explored the stadium itself to my heart’s content, it was finally time to take the elevator up to the Air Corridor/Top Wonder/whatever. When the doors whooshed open I found myself at the mouth of a one thousand meter steel skywalk.

The Bird's Nest Air Corridor Top Wonder Beijing

September 2018. From there all that’s left to do is take a leisurely stroll through the mass of metal and enjoy some choice angles of the Beijing skyline. The wobbly looking building just about cutting its way through the afternoon smog is the IBM Tower, a twenty five-story skyscraper with a distinctive dragon head-shaped roof.

The Bird's Nest Air Corridor Top Wonder Beijing

September 2018. There’s also an overview of the arena too, though most of the pitch is out of view, even if you step onto one of the metal bars, hoist yourself up and crane your neck. A bit of a blunder really from Air Corridor Top Wonder HQ, as they could have provided a perfect birds-eye view of the pitch had they built the skywalk just a little higher.

Beijing Tower from The Bird's Nest Air Corridor Top Wonder Beijing

September 2018. The skywalk served as a perfect opportunity to remind me of Beijing’s horrific pollution levels and indeed this would hardly be classed as a particularly bad day. When I lived here I remember waking up some mornings and being able to literally taste the pollution. On such mornings I’d feel drowsy as hell, with a desert-dry throat, red eyes and a slight headache. Still, the smog that afternoon atop The Bird’s Nest couldn’t quite destroy a very decent panoramic of The Olympic Green and the sky-piercing observation decks of The Olympic Tower.

The Bird's Nest Air Corridor Top Wonder Beijing

September 2018. The Air Corridor (I’ll just call it that) is probably worth the extra money if you’re coming to The Bird’s Nest anyway. Its creators have clearly done little to make it special (it’s just an adapted version of the walkway the maintenance staff use to perform their safety checks), but it does nicely cap off the stadium experience and if you’re lucky enough to come on an all-too rare blue sky day I imagine the views must be fantastic.

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