My 5: Santa Maria Church – Castro Urdiales, Spain.

Santa Maria Church Castro Urdiales Spain

1. August 2015. The tiny coastal town of Castro Urdiales is an ideal day trip for those based in Bilbao, Santander and Pamplona. Its modest collection of sites can be tackled on foot in just a few hours, leaving plenty of time for sunbathing on Brazomar Beach and tapas down by the port. Wherever you find yourself in town, you’ll invariably be drawn to the handsome sight of Santa Maria Church sat snugly next to the town castle and lighthouse.

Church of Santa Maria Assunta Castro Urdiales Spain

2. August 2015. The church was built in the French gothic style at the order of King Alfonso the 8thin the thirteenth century. The structure is three storeys high with flying buttresses and pinnacles.

Interior Church of Santa Maria Assunta Castro Urdiales Spain

3. August 2015. The small but pretty interior was empty on the day I poked my head inside. An information board reveals that the church was declared a national monument in 1931.

Interior Church of Santa Maria Assunta Castro Urdiales Spain

4. August 2015. Look out for images of the white Virgin Mary and a reclining Jesus Christ by the altar. There are also intricate carvings of the Magi, better known as The Three Wise Men. This unmarked headstone was a bit of a mystery and even the all-knowing sage Google hasn’t been able to shed any light on its history.

Bay of Biscay Castro Urdiales Spain

5. August 2015. When you’re done with the interior, walk around to the back of the church for unblemished views across The Bay of Biscay.

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