Travel Report: Half Moon Bay – Cangnan County, China.

Half Moon Bay Wucheng Village Cangnan County China

November 2018. After the success of my day trip to the isolated Fudewan Ancient Village in October, it was just under a month later that I headed back to Cangnan County for another hidden gem of southeastern China. Picking me up from Cangnan’s train station… just as she had the first time… my guide Jamie drove us off to a gorgeous coastal spot called Half Moon Bay, home to a the tiny Wucheng Village, a small beach and a short nature trail winding its way around the cliffs.

Half Moon Bay Cangnan County Zhejiang Province China

November 2018. After a peaceful stroll down the beach (just us, a wedding photo shoot and a stray barking dog), we climbed the stone steps to begin the short trail up around the cliffs through a spot known locally as Dragon Head Mountain. I could hardly believe it was late November, what with the blue sky and warm temperatures, even as the afternoon began to creep towards dusk.

Dragon Head Hill Half Moon Bay Cangnan County China

November 2018. The Dragon Head Mountain trail is a short but pretty one; barely fifteen minutes from start to finish. But the views are lovely in all directions, from the harbour and the village on one side to the expanse of the bay on the other leading out to The East China Sea.

Half Moon Bay Cangnan county China

November 2018. There are a few islands dotted around the bay and of course my curious nature immediately had me wondering if they were accessible. Such places are often off limits to foreigners, except by pre-approved governmental invitation. Maybe I’ll ask Jamie to look into it one of these days.

Sunset Dragon Head Hill Half Moon Bay Cangnan County China

November 2018. The cliff trail’s small pavilion was the ideal viewing platform to take in the sunset that afternoon as the light rapidly closed in around us. Half Moon Bay and Wucheng Village lie about 52 kilometers from Cangnan Railway Station. It took us about an hour and fifteen minutes by car, though it can also be done by public bus for those who can be bothered with the long, multi-bus journey from Linxi (灵溪) to Mazhan (马站) 15RMB, Mazhan to Yuliao (鱼寮) 6RMB and then a walking route down to the bay. If you’re coming here alone a DiDi from Cangnan Railway Station is your best bet and will set you back at least 150RMB.

This travel report is dedicated to Jamie, without whom I wouldn’t even have known about this place. Thanks for showing me around!

Wucheng Village Half Moon Bay Cangnan County China

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