My 5: Wucheng Village – Cangnan County, China.

Wucheng Village Cangnan County Zhejiang Province China

1. November 2018. Jamie and I had just finished the short walking trail around the cliffs at Dragon Head Mountain and were on our way back to the beach at Half Moon Bay. Wucheng Village looked so pretty from across the water nestled at the foot of the mountains with its multicoloured houses. It made me think a little of Italy’s Burano Island, although Jamie was quick to point out that the place wouldn’t be so charming close up.

Wucheng Fishing Village Cangnan County Zhejiang Province China

2. November 2018. Driving me up a section of the hill, Jamie dropped me off at an entrance road and off I went to explore the village’s two streets on foot.

Dried fish Wucheng Village Cangnan County China

3. November 2018. Jamie wasn’t wrong about Wucheng’s prevailing vibe; it was pretty run down. Junk-ridden courtyards and gardens played host to rusting trucks and ancient cars that had long ago succumbed to the passing of the seasons. One of the houses had a rack of dried fish outside, another a curtain rail of dangling eels.

Basket weaving Wucheng Village Cangnan County China

4. November 2018. The main street is good for a five-minute wander. Several locals let out an audible gasp when I rounded the corner and made my way past the huddle of fish restaurants overlooking Half Moon Bay. In addition to seafood, the village also produces wicker baskets. This grandmother was not at all impressed by my arrival and did everything she could to avoid eye contact.

5. November 2018. From what I can see Wucheng Village serves only as a place for Chinese tourists to stop by, grab a seafood dinner with bay views and shoot off again. There are maybe only a dozen families and as far as I could see there wasn’t even a general store, let alone a guesthouse of any sort. Wucheng Village and Half Moon Bay lie about 52 kilometers from Cangnan Railway Station. It took us about an hour and fifteen minutes by car, though it can also be done by public bus for those who can be bothered with the long, multi-bus journey from Linxi (灵溪) to Mazhan (马站) 15RMB, Mazhan to Yuliao (鱼寮) 6RMB and then a walking route down to the bay. If you’re coming here alone, a DiDi from Cangnan Railway Station is your best bet and will set you back at least 150RMB.

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