Travel Report: Cool Spots Around Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Naga Guesthouse Siem Reap Cambodia

November 2015. Searching for a cheap and cheerful place to stay during your visit to Siem Reap? Look no further than the thoroughly decent Naga Guesthouse at 243 Samdach Tep Vong Street. This is where I pitched up for a week’s stay when I first arrived in Siem Reap in late September 2015. Hostel beds go for as little as $11 a night, while they also have pricier suites that a visiting friend of mine sampled when he came to town. The staff is friendly and English speaking, though I’d cast some serious doubts over their “best burger in town” claim.

Furniture Street Siem Reap Cambodia

November 2015. It wasn’t long before I moved out of Naga into my own apartment near FB International School. I made the schoolboy error of taking an unfurnished place, which meant undertaking several field trips to Siem Reap’s Furniture Street (Old Bus Station Road/Chong Kov Sou Road) to get tables and chairs. I even had myself a traditional, hand carved Cambodian bed custom made! All of which had to be sold when I subsequently departed Siem Reap just two months later. So foolish.

Black Sands Cafe Siem Reap Cambodia

November 2015. This was my joint favorite Siem Reap breakfast place, along with the French-owned Kh’Mère Poulart. Run by an exceptionally friendly local woman, Black Sands Café has a relaxing vibe with all range of coffees, decent wifi, a friendly house cat and… my favorite of all… a sublime Eggs Benedict! You can find her through the Black Sands Facebook page:

Brick House Food and Drink Siem Reap Cambodia

November 2015. Siem Reap’s restaurant scene was positively mushrooming during my time there. There are all manner of international options and an abundance of local street food to enjoy. If you wanna try local dishes in a more upmarket setting, make your way to Brick House Food and Drink right in the heart of the night market. BBQ dishes are cooked up in front of you on grills by the entrance steps and the beer is icy cold. The waiters are smiley, there’s a pool table and if you eat on the patio you get choice views of the night market’s evening foot traffic.

Yellow Sub Bar Siem Reap Cambodia

November 2015. I tended to avoid Siem Reap’s popular Pub Street at all costs, as it seemed to be becoming more and more like Bangkok’s grisly Khao San Road with each passing day. Pulsating dance beats, beer pong and vomiting gap year students has never been my scene, so I was glad to discover the somewhat hidden Yellow Sub Bar located at 9A The Lane, an innocuous side alley in the night market. The place practically sells itself: Beatles + beers + cocktails + burgers. A lot of love and care has gone into it, from the yellow-painted building itself to the stacks of memorabilia scattered around its three floors.

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