Travel Report: Humble Administrator’s Garden Part II – Suzhou, China.

Humble Administrator's Garden Suzhou China

Want to get the full picture? Before reading this why not start with my article: Humble Administrator’s Garden Part I

Reading from China? This travel report contains a YouTube video, which can only be viewed with a VPN!

December 2018. I really enjoyed my Christmas Day wanderings around Humble Administrator’s Garden. In all honesty this second parter is a bit self indulgent, I was so charmed by the place I simply wanted to push out another five photos from Suzhou’s most impressive ancient garden.

Hall of the 36 Mandarin Ducks Humble Administrator's Garden Suzhou China

December 2018. There are all kinds of beautiful wooden buildings peppered around Humble Administrator’s Garden, but a special mention should go to this wonderfully wonky structure, The Hall of the Thirty Six Mandarin Ducks. Cutely enough there were some ducks bobbing about in the pond behind the back of the building. Inside you’ll find antique wooden furniture, classical paintings and stained glass windows.

Bonsai Garden Humble Administrator's Garden Suzhou China

December 2018. The Humble Administrator’s Garden also features a very cool bonsai section with some stupendous trees. Located in a western corner of the complex, there are about 700 bonsais on display.

December 2018. In case you missed my Christmas Day message on other media platforms, here’s my “Merry Christmas” video from Humble Administrator’s Garden. It was delivered under the intense stare of about twelve Chinese tourists who stood watching me open-mouthed from a nearby tree. “Foreigner!” Yes, correct.

Humble Administrator's Garden Suzhou Jiangsu Province China

December 2018. Humble Administrator’s Garden is located at 178 Dongbei Street, next to Suzhou Museum. Open daily from 07:30-17:00, entrance tickets are 90RMB (£10.30/€11.45/$13) and they accept cash only. Allow an hour for exploring at the very least, maybe even two if you find yourself as charmed by it as I was.

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I’ve been living, working and traveling all over the world since 2001, so why not check out my huge library of travel reports from over 30 countries.

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