Travel Report: Cafe Tomorrow Asakusa, Tokyo

Cafe Tomorrow Asakusa Tokyo

February 2019. I like to think that I never wasted a breakfast in Tokyo. Over half of my morning feeds came at the city’s amazing themed cafes, bars and restaurants. And while the remaining mornings were certainly a lot less sedate than dancing monsters and moon-born maids, I still wanted to seek out the city’s more interesting cafes and eateries instead of a generic visit to Starbucks. If you’re in the Asakusa neighborhood, I highly recommend the cosy and quirky Café Tomorrow, a genuine throwback to the old style breakfast joints of early twentieth century Tokyo.Cafe Tomorrow Asakusa Tokyo

February 2019. A quiet, lazy vibe prevails in Café Tomorrow, with its rows of bookcases, antique clocks and black leather chairs. Be warned though that it’s a cramped space where there’s hardly room to swing a cat when things get busy. It’s also worth pointing out that smoking is openly permitted and the air is often thick with the fumes of puffing customers. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad on the morning of my visit.

Cafe Tomorrow Asakusa Tokyo.

February 2019. I liked that Café Tomorrow is the kind of place where people just do what they want, anything goes. This old guy, who I imagined ordered nothing more than the same tar-black Americano every morning, had the fearsome glare of a staunch regular who’s been coming here since 1985.

Cafe Tomorrow Asakusa Tokyo

February 2019. Elsewhere there was a mousey American girl working away on her MacBook, a breakfasting Chinese family and this woman absorbed in a paperback novel lifted directly off one of Café Tomorrow’s green shelves.

Mixed morning set Cafe Tomorrow Asakusa Tokyo

February 2019. There isn’t much English to be had among the staff at Café Tomorrow, but in any case the captioned picture menu makes things simple enough. I went for a hearty and pleasingly economical Mixed Morning Set, which comprised of two doorstep wedges of white bread (one with egg mayonnaise, one with ham), a bowl of salad, an egg and cheese Omelette smothered in sweet soy sauce and a mug of vegetable soup. The coffee was a bit too dark and thick for my liking, but that’s obviously just how they roll. No matter how many times I asked for fresh milk they didn’t get it, so I ended up using about ten shots of creamer just to get it to a state of drinkability. The bill came to 630JPY (£4.40/€5/$5.70).

You can find Café Tomorrow on the first floor of 丁目-29-3 Asakusa, Taitō111-0032, a market street located just a six-minute walk from Sensoji Temple. The exterior doesn’t actually say Café Tomorrow; just keep an eye open for the menu stands by the door and the black and white Wi-Fi free doormat.

Entrance to Cafe Tomorrow Asakusa Tokyo

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