Travel Report: Bar Rock Bottom, Tokyo.

Bar Rock Bottom Asakusa Tokyo

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February 2019. Long before I even got to Tokyo I’d begun fantasizing about a cool little bar I could retreat to in the evenings after a long day’s exploring around the Japanese capital. Ideally it would be a cosy, dimly lit man cave type of place in which I could order an ice-cold beer and flip open the Mac for a spell of blog posting. The airwaves would be filled with retro music and there would be no need to converse with the smattering of other customers peppered about the place. Imagine my delight then when Wonderboy and I found Bar Rock Bottom, a veritable blueprint of the above daydream located just a 2-minute walk from our digs at Oak Hostel Sakura.

Bar Rock Bottom Asakusa Tokyo.

February 2019. Wonderboy and I enjoyed several chilled evenings at Bar Rock Bottom. Clinking glasses on that first Tokyo night, we toasted to the amazing trip that lay ahead as Starship’s Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now blared triumphantly out of the smoke box of a TV hanging off the wall behind us.

Bar Rock Bottom Asakusa Tokyo

February 2019. They’ve got the vibe perfectly pitched at Bar Rock Bottom. It was always this dude that greeted us and he was more than happy to let Wonderboy & I drink at our own pace, which is just as well as a proper session here could have put a major dent in the budget. As it was we stuck with the draft Asahi beer at a not too shabby 600JPY (£4.15/€4.80/$5.40). It came with a complimentary bowl of mixed nuts.

Live music Bar Rock Bottom Asakusa Tokyo

Live music Bar Rock Bottom Asakusa Tokyo

February 2019. Bar Rock Bottom does put on live music from time to time, though we didn’t manage to catch anyone during our visits. When the barman heard that Wonderboy was a bit of a singer he was happy for us to take to the stage and knock out a tune for the half a dozen or so people gathered. We went with Fell in Love With A Girl by The White Stripes, a tune so pleasingly raucuous nobody seemed to notice that I can barely play the drums. Great fun!!!

Bar Rock Bottom Asakusa Tokyo.

February 2019. Bar Rock Bottom is packed with pop culture memorabilia, particularly in the toilet where there’s also a sizable collection of comic books,, anime and what looks like rare, authentic models and toys from the 1980s. “Does it ever get busy here?” I asked the barman on our final night. “Nah” he grinned, munching on some pretzels. Bar Rock Bottom opens daily from 17:00 and is located in Tokyo’s Asakusa neighborhood at 4 Chome-15-10 Narihira Sumida-ku Tokyo-to 東京都 墨田区 業平 4-15-10 秋元ビル. It’s just a 220-meter walk from Oshiage Skytree Station, check out their website here:

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