My 5: Akiba Base Shooting Cafe & Bar – Akihabara, Tokyo.

Akiba Base Shooting Cafe and Bar Akihabara Tokyo

1. February 2019. Has it always been your dream to hold a powerful gun in your hands? To unleash a stream of bullets and tap into your inner alpha male? You know, Grrrr and shit? YEAH, ME NEITHER. But in Tokyo’s crazy Akihabara Electric Town you often find yourself signing up for stuff you never thought you’d do. So when Wonderboy and I caught sight of a sign for Akiba Base Shooting Café & Bar we thought we’d go and take a look… just for yucks.

Akiba Base Shooting Cafe & Bar Akihabara Electric Town Tokyo

2. February 2019. Now before you get all judgmental on me I should probably point out that Akiba Base is an airsoft shooting café in which customers come to mess about with BB guns. I’d been half wondering if we’d made a huge misjudgment and were about to walk into some macho, meathead zone where crew cut Americans sat about guzzling Budweisers and shouting things like “America, fuck yeah!!!” But instead we were greeted by a friendly, slightly geeky Japanese guy who showed us to our table and gave us a brief overview of the menu.

Model soldiers Akiba Base Shooting Cafe & Bar Akihabara Tokyo

We Don't Dial 911 Akiba Base Shooting Cafe and Bar Akihabara Tokyo

As expected the place was kitted out in gun paraphernalia, from wall-mounted airsoft guns and toy soldiers to the little shop selling Akiba Base products and a somewhat dubious poster proclaiming: We Don’t Call 911!

Hot dogs at Akiba Base Shooting Cafe & Bar Akihabara Tokyo3. February 2019. Akiba Base Shooting Café has a single shooting range but in all honesty I was more interested in getting my hands on some hot dogs, which is exactly what I did! Gun or no gun, these babies were going dooooooown!

4. February 2019. I really couldn’t be assed to do any shooting. In any case Wonderboy was keen to fire off a round, so I followed him into Akiba Base’s shooting room and took a video of his fun albeit brief antics. Having never gone shooting before, he went for the ideal Trial Course offer where you get to unload one magazine on one paper target for 800JPY (£5.40/€6.30/$7.15). Not too shabby!

Akiba Base Shooting Cafe & Bar Akihabara Tokyo

5. February 2019. Akiba Base Shooting Café & Bar is located on Akihabara’s main street, Chuo Dori, on the 3rd floor of the SIL Building. They’re open daily from 11:00-23:00, though it should be noted that alcohol is only served after 17:00, which is when a 500JPY cover charge (£3.40/€4/$4.50) also gets applied.

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