Travel Report: Fudge Kitchen – Cambridge, England.

Visit Fudge Kitchen King's Parade Cambridge.

May 2019. How could I have left Cambridge without popping into the amazing Fudge Kitchen on King’s Parade? Back in my English summer camp days in the mid noughties S and I would make it an annual tradition to come here and grab some of the best fudge in the country. Back then it was known as Jim Garrahy’s Fudge Kitchen and it was Jim himself who used to greet us with his Irish-American charms.

Inside Fudge Kitchen King's Parade Cambridge.
Fudge Kitchen – King’s Parade, Cambridge.

May 2019. It was Jim who launched the first store in 1983 with his signature blend of creamy fudge based on an 1830 recipe. Sadly Jim’s no longer with us and in 2010 the company became Fudge Kitchen as part of a nationwide expansion. But they still stick to Jim’s philosophy of doing the cooking on traditional stoves and cutting by hand on marble slabs.

Fudge cooking in the pot Fudge Kitchen Cambridge.
Fudge Kitchen – King’s Parade, Cambridge.
Fudge Kitchen Cambridge England.
Fudge Kitchen – King’s Parade, Cambridge.

May 2019. It was reassuring to see that Fudge Kitchen hasn’t reinvented the wheel and that for the most part my experience was much as I remembered it from my visits over fifteen years ago. There was a daily batch bubbling away in the pot and the resulting smell was just… well… very, very good!

Yummy English fudge at Fudge Kitchen Cambridge.
Fudge Kitchen – King’s Parade, Cambridge.

You can normally catch a tantalising whiff of Fudge Kitchen’s overlapping flavours right out on the street on King’s Parade. Every year I would say something like: “Damn that smells good… but no… NO fudge this time”. A few seconds later this was invariably followed by: “Ah shall we just go in and have a look?” And so it proved again that day with Irish Mike.

Fudge Kitchen King's Parade Cambridge.
Fudge Kitchen – King’s Parade, Cambridge.

Once inside they hit you with their banter and before you know what the hell’s going on you’re nibbling on a free sample of something so ridiculously delicious you wonder if there might be some kind of law against it. And it’s shortly after this that you realise that there is in fact only one outcome: that it’s an impossibility for you to leave Fudge Kitchen without picking up a big fat wedge of something. Maybe the Chocolate Caramel, perhaps the Mint Chocolate or possibly even the Strawberries & Cream.

Takeaway bag Fudge Kitchen Cambridge.
Fudge Kitchen, Cambridge.

Fudge Kitchen Cambridge is located right across from King’s College on King’s Parade. They also have shops in Bath, Canterbury, Edinburgh, Oxford, Windsor and York. For more details, including their interactive fudge making experience,  check out their website.

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