Cangnan County

Comprised of twenty towns, 14 townships and countless tiny villages, mountain communities, fishing hamlets and isolated farming families, Cangnan County is a wonderfully unchartered region of rural China in the southeastern province of Zhejiang. If you’re in search of real China then rest assured it doesn’t get much more authentic than this.

Old man Fudewan Ancient Village Cangnan County Zhejiang Province China
Fudewan Ancient Village. October, 2018.

There is very little online literature about Cangnan for foreign visitors, so I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have befriended a local who not only enlightened me to the existence of the amazing places I went to, but as my chauffeur, guide, translator and dinner buddy also ensured I got the most out of my experiences.

Wucheng Village Half Moon Bay Cangnan County
Wucheng Village on Half Moon Bay, Cangnan County. November, 2018.

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