Minxology – a short story from Slovakia.


In September 2002 I rocked up in Bratislava with a couple of bags and just enough cash to last until my first paycheck. And so unfolded one of the great years of my life…


Settling into Bratislava working life turned out to be a piece of cake, largely thanks to my sedate teaching schedule. Although I had to wake up early each day, I gave only two lessons a morning followed by a generous three hour break. Then there were two more classes in the afternoon, one of which was an in-company course at Philip Morris. It was a one-on-one session with a humorless businessman called Martin who more often than not cancelled at the eleventh hour. The rest of the time he kept me waiting around at reception while he finished off a meeting/conference call/sandwich/crossword. On the rare occasions I made it into his office he pretty much refused to do any work. ‘‘Am tiring and we have not much time’’ he’d say lighting up a cigarette. ‘‘Let’s talk football’’.

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