The City and the Village Part II – a short story from China.


After a happy, prolonged period of stabilisation and life-altering romance, I finally bid farewell to Belgium in the summer of 2009. Uninspired by life in grey, uneventful Brussels, my girl and I headed off to China for an unforgettable year of teaching and travelling.

“Gooooood moooooorning Jinan!!!” It was a blistering hot day of thirty degrees and S and I were in fine spirits. Life on the Chinese road was turning out to be great fun and the city of Jinan had defied all expectations. In fact, after a bit of online research, I discovered just how spectacularly wrong all the Jinan haters had been. Known throughout China as The Spring City, our plan for the day was to seek out a few of its urban parks; renowned for their beauty and home to over seventy artesian springs.  

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